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About Cardiovascular Diagnostic Image

Cardiovascular Diagnostic Image is a family owned company that was founded in March of 1990. As a family owned company, we place our value on our customers, and pride ourselves on our high level of quality and outstanding service to our patients.

We are a full service, insured diagnostic facility, with a centrally located facilities bringing our service to the south Florida community from West Palm Beach to the keys. Our professional staff is fully qualified and very happy to assist you before, during, and after your visit. To us you are more than just a patient; you are part of our family.

We also pride ourselves on our professional relation with your referring physician. This relationship is important to our patients in order to provide a professional collaboration among doctors, and to ensure that your test results are delivered fast. With this vision in mind we have updated our facilities with the latest technology available. This state of the art technology not only brings you the highest quality of care, but also delivers the results to your doctor in record time.

Doctors Associated with us

  • Charles Mandell, MD. American Board Certified Radiologist & Nuclear Medicine
  • Kenneth Mandell, MD. American Board Internal Medicine & Cardiology
  • Jaime Altamirano, MD. American Board Internal Medicine & Cardiology
  • Alberto A. Ginzo, MD. Medical Director
  • Edelio Mirabolo, DMS, Cardiovascular Ultrasound Specialist, President